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Linken beer’sraw material

Raw Material- Determine Precondition Of Product Quality

Liken protoplasmic beer summarize linken beer hall nearly hundred years experience in the traditional craft beer. Linken beer insist use the best quality natural spring water , selection of malt, hops and special yeast as the raw materials. Linken beer also insist use our more than 100years of traditional ALE beer brewing process control ,through natural fermentation and low temperature storage.


Linken Beer is use of Yangtze river deep groundwater after RO reverse osmosis technology to filter pure water brewing it.

Malt Malt

Linken beer are by Australia's largest malt producer JOE WHITE malt company provides billed as the world's best craft beer malt as brewing raw materials.


Hops can provides unique beers fragrance and light beer bitter. Linken beer choose Germany and the Czech top hops as raw material.


Linken Beer’s production qaeda

Linken Beer’s production qaeda located at HUBEI JINGZHOU JIANGLING industrial park. It is the annual out put of 200000 tons of international standard beer production qaeda.

Linken beer’sManufacture Process Chart

Linken beer’s Manufacture Process Chart

Beer production process can be divided into four processes, it is barley preparation, saccharification, fermentation and packing. Modern breweries in general have set up the malt shop, thus barley preparation section will also gradually stripped from the beer production process.

Indicated by the figure in the code of equipment as follows:

1、1. Raw Material Storage Warehouse    2、Malt Screening Machine     3、Hoist     4、Malt Mill Machine     5、Saccharification Boiler     6、Rice sieving machine    7、Rice Mill Machine    8、Mash copper     9、Filter tank    10、Spent grains conveyor    11、Spent grains storage tank    12、Boiling pot / swirling groove    13、External Heater    14、Hops Dosing Tank    15、Wort Cooler    16、Air Filter    17、Yeast Culture and Add Tank    18、Fermentation Tank     19、Beer stabilizer adding Tank    20、Buffer Tank    21、Kieselgur Dosing Tank    22、kieselguhr Filter    23、Beer Fine Filter    24、CIP    25、Bottle Rinser    26、Filling Machine    27、Pasteurizer    28、Labelling Machine    29、Container Loader

(ONE) Barley Preparation Process

Barley must through the germination process let the difficult soluble materials into soluble sugars for brewing process. Barley in post-harvest storage for 2-3 months and then can enter into malt workshop to started making malt. In order to get a clean, consistent quality malt.. Before making the malt, the barley need winnowing or filter in removing impurity, and permanent magnet drum to iron, and specific weight in addition to stone, and sorting machine grading. The main process of barley preparation are as follows: barley into leaching tank washing barley, after absorbing water, sprout into the germinating flat, become the green malt. Green malt into drying tower/baking furnace, the stumper to root, made from malt. Made from barley to be malt need about ten days time.

Barley preparation process of the main production equipment is: Screen (wind) Separator, Grading Machine, Tublar Magnet, De-stonner To Removing Impurity, Grading equipment ;Barley Leaching Tank, Germinating Flat/ Malt Turner, Air Conditioner, drying tower (furnace), grubber barley preparation equipment; Bucket elevator, screw/scraper/belt conveyor, dust collector/ fan, Appointed warehouse and storage facilities.

(TWO) Saccharification Process

Malt, rice and other raw materials by the feeder nose or appointed warehouse by the bucket elevator and screw conveyor, conveyor to the roof of saccharification, after go to stone, in addition to iron, quantitative, after entering the mash copper, mash tun saccharification decomposition into mash, via the filter tank/filter press filter, then add the hops to boil ,and eliminate heat concretion. Malt need to be sent to the Shattered tower, before cooling separation into brewing production workshop. Here, the malt by light pressure made brewing malt crushing. Gelatinization process is crushed malt/grain mixed with water in the mash copper. Mash copper maneuver is a huge metal containers, filled with hot water and steam inlet, mixing device, such as stir bar, impeller or propeller, and plenty of temperature and control device. In the mash copper, malt and water after heating boils, it is the natural acid let difficult soluble starch and protein to become the soluble malt extract, referred to as "Wort". Wort are then sent to the filtration container called separation tower. Before wort pumped into the boiling pot need wipe off malt leather case, and add the hops and sugar. Boiling: in a boiling pot, boil mixture is to absorb the hop’s flavor, and improvement and disinfection. After boiling, mix hop’s wort is pumped into the swirl sedimentation tank in place does not need to hop leftovers and insoluble proteins.

Mash copper: First put part of malt, rice, corn and starch and other accessories in the mash copper boiling. Saccharifying tank: put the rest of the malt adding proper warm water, , and add the boiled in the mash copper accessories. At this point, the liquid in the starch into maltose. Wort filtration tank: after saccharification of virgin pulp filtration, namely get transparent wort (syrup).Wort boiling pot: to add hops and boil, send out a beer special fragrance and bitter taste.

(THREE) The Fermentation Process

Mature fermenter tank: add beer yeast in the cold wort let it fermentation.Wort in sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide, about a week later, the "beer nun" can generate, and then through dozens of angel's mature.

Beer Filter Machine: After mature beer filtration, namely get amber draft beer.

Cooling, Fermentation: clean wort from the swirl of the sedimentation tank, pump out in to a heat exchanger to cool. After that, the yeast is added into the wort to begin to enter the fermentation process. In the process of fermentation, yeast cultured in wort fermentable sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide, producing beer. Fermentation occurs in eight hours and to speed up the pace, the accumulation of a known as the "wrinkle spray" high density foam. The foam in 3 or 4 days to reach its highest stage. From the fifth day, fermentation speed slow down somewhat, wrinkled foam began to spread in wort surface, it must be left out.. Yeast in fermentation after all material available for fermentation wort, began in the bottom of the container formation a layer of thickens the sediment. With the temperature gradually reduce, in 8 ~ 10 days after fermentation was completely over. The whole process, require strict control of temperature and pressure. Of course, the beer’s production process of different, lead to different fermentation time. Usually, the lager fermentation process need about 6 days, ale for about five days. For the most part after the fermentation, yeast sedimentation on the bottom of the tank.. Winemakers are recycling up this part of the yeast for the next tank use. After removal of yeast ,products “tender beer” after being pumped into fermentation tank (or called slaking tank).Here, the rest of the yeast and insoluble protein precipitation down further, make the style of beer is gradually mature. Mature time vary with varieties of beer, usually in 7 ~ 21 days. After fermentation and mature in the heart of the filter all of the rest of the beer yeast and insoluble protein filter, become to the waiting for packing beer.

(FOUR)Packing Process

Bottling, Canning Machine: brewed beer will be filling into the beer bottles and beer cans. Then after visual inspection machine and liquid after strict inspection, then comes to the beer case factory. Wash bottle Machine: recycling of beer bottles. Empty bottle inspection machine: extremely small scars will not pass. Sensory test: each day new brewed beer, shall be the responsibility of the specialized personnel to make actual sample. Only after to ensure its quality, delicious beer sent to you. Each batch of beer before packaging, can also through strict physical and chemical inspection and taster organoleptic evaluation qualified before send to packing line. Finished product beer packing often bottled, canned and bottled in several packing forms. Plus the bottle shape, the different capacity, labels, neck sets, and differences in the cap and the diversification of the outer packing, thus constitutes a wide variety of beer products in your market. Bottled beer is the most popular forms of packaging, also has the most typical packaging process, the washing bottle, filling, sealing, wine sterilization, labeling and packing.



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