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  • LINKEN Craft beer is USA LINKEN LIMITED technical support American Lincoln co., LTD Producer and beer brand.
  • Liken protoplasmic beer summarize linken beer hall nearlyhundred years experience in the traditional craft beer.
  • Linken beer insist use the best quality natural spring water,selection of malt, hops and special yeast as the raw materials.
  • Linken beer also insist use our more than 100years of traditional ALE beer brewing process control ,
  • through natural fermentation and low temperature storage.
  • From the United Statesrefine on

Lincoln Beer 6 core strengths, is a strong guarantee to help the national beer market dealers battle!

  • 1.Brand Advantage

    LINKEN is the most famous beer brand, it is favored by domestic and foreign consumer favorite beer brand. Go forward, Never look back is LR’s spirit. LR’s spirit has inspired young Chinese consumers valiant...

  • 2.Quality Advantage

    LINKEN BEER is brewing for real men: Linken beer selection of Australian barley, glittering and translucent jade gold central China rice and USA’S high-quality hops...

  • 3.Marketing Advantage

    Linken beer mainly adopts electronic commerce network sales mode. On the one side, it can greatly saving the cost of marketing. On the other side, Linken beer also can dispense with the layer and layer distributors increase the price trouble...

  • 4.Strong Promotion

    Linken beers has become the china baidu promotion beers strategic marketing partner. Linken beer every year massive amounts of baidu advertising resources have been to strong laid a solid foundation to build the Linken beer brand...

  • 5.Exclusive advantage

    Linken beer is adopt the recruiting area sole agent marketing model and the designated area only a sole agent. It can relieved from the mutual bargain vicious competition and fully guarantee the Distributor ‘s equity...

  • 6.Service Advantage

    Linken beer for the Chinese market formulate detailed 《Linken beer marketing service manual》and make a complete market guide training system Including 《Linken beer brand image recognition system》,《Linken beer behavior recognition system》, 《Linken beer system of integrated marketing operation》.

Beer contrast agent selection table

LINKEN BEER———There is power to trust There are prospects for development Together we choose

  • Regional agent

    Evaluation of products:Linken beer is a good drink, the company's strong support and help to increase my sales to accompany, Linken beer I am optimistic about you

  • Regional agent

    Evaluation of products:Acting Linken beer has two years of time, the two years, the headquarters to give me a lot of support and help, let me from the beer to a semi aware that now has become a beer

  • Regional agent

    Evaluation of products:Linken beer quality is good, the strength of the manufacturers to support large, have the strength to trust the brand!

  • Regional agent

    Evaluation of products:Linken beer, aesthetic taste. Sweetgrass, characterization of the world!

  • Linken Craft Beer 500ml

    Net content: 500ml alcohol: 5.0%vol shelf life: 365 days

  • 1Linken Craft Beer 500ml

    We advising customer to fully understand the market similar product’s market price. When we determine the basic cooperation intention that we can preliminary communication through QQ, WeChat and telephone.

  • 2Send Sample

    LR(CHANGSHA) INVESTMENT CO.,LTD according to the customer’s requirement to send samples by Courier. Intentional merchants received samples can taste it and check the packaging.

  • 3Invitation to visit,

    The customer received the samples ,if customer want joining. We can invite you to the LR Beer’s production qaeda and sales department for a visit. Enemy and know yourself, have confidence to do business.

  • 4Signed A Contract,

    After the visit to the factory or sales department, LR company will focus on the client area specify detailed price and promotional support policy. If the agent can agree to apply for a land rover beer distributor contract. And submit a recent one 2 copies, id card copy to review the head office .Review is completed, power of attorney issued by the company, as the region sole agent.

  • 5 Perform

    According to the basic terms of the contract, LR(CHANGSHA) INVESTMENT CO.,LTD defined by the agents to jointly develop the market together.

  • LINKEN BEER Marketing Manager:

    • TEL:13437221919
    • OFFICE QQ:800019111
    • WORKING QQ:1291128955
    • WECHAT:13437221919
    • Email:1291128955@qq.com
    • Office TEL:0731-89676399
    • Service-Line: 400-8030-198
  • LINKEN BEER Marketing Manager:

    • TEL:15027095959
    • OFFICE QQ:800039199
    • WORKING QQ:2708499897
    • WECHAT:1456670184
    • Email:2708499897@qq.com
    • Office TEL:0731-89676399
    • Service-Line:400-8030-198

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  • 经理-欧 13437221919
  • 经理-蔡:13647439037
  • 经理-戴:13476961919
  • 免费热线:4008030198